Fan Art

Here is some fanart we've received. If you want to submit fanart, email it to!

Wow!  Our first Fanart!

My first Fanart, a pic of Abraham sent in by ArmageddonDragon

Rain...looking a little thin these days?
cute pic of Rain sent in by Sammi Jo
a colour version of the one on the right

Sammi Jo also made this colour version

thanks, Anne, for the Wotchie Rain!
Anne Onnymous of Wotch fame, made this cute little chibi Blue Cat
art by Pan316, a key contributor of fAnneart!
a cool stylistic piece of the Cats sent in by Pan316
Pan316 also sent this one too
the only place you'll see the boys and the cats in one place?
a cool "before and after" scene by Vierge...
TC's flattery!
Kommando made a set of Triquetra Cats skins for the computer game Freedom Force and made this wallpaper from a screenshot
Wait!!  She's a bit underage!
Glitch Girl made this Poser pic of Kommando giving candy to Blue Cat....don't ask, I don't know either
Wanna lay money that Vy'll eventually be our fanart leader?
Pink made this cool Poser pic of Vyolette
Doesnt she look cute?
Bobby Whidden of Rememberance sent this picture of Blue Cat
Wow great pic
wp sends this pic of Green Cat
Awesome reimagining
Matt Nishi sends this rendition of the cover of Period 10
Wanna lay money that Vy'll eventually be our fanart leader?
a re-lit version of the Vy fanart from Pink
Wooh Action Pose!
Another Fanart piece by Anne Onnymous
Trinoc Con was great!
Elizabeth Troub of From Then On Forth made this Trinoc Con piece, including a sketch of Rain
Wanna lay money that Vy'll eventually be our fanart leader?
Enigmatic Theif sent me this piece of Vyolette fanart for my birthday
Interesting New Costumes
Pink sent this Poser created pic of the Cats
hhmmmmm flattering
Pink sent this Poser created pic of me, my first fanart of myself
Petra's coming in second behind Vy
Spunky Neko sent this awesome pic of Green Cat

Cute group pic

a pic of the Cats by Lauren Coven

weee another Green Cat
A pic made my Linkara from Lightbringer
another adorable group pic
Yoko Neko made this cute fanart pic
I belive this is Blue Car
Daniella Schad mailed me this cute little TC sketch on a postcard for christmas
another adorable group pic
Here's our first Polonian Tales fanart, Rini sent this pic of Petayla

It's not really fan ART but Matt Lenz sent me a selection from a Triquetra Cats/Kingdom Hearts crossover fanfic. Here it is...

For two people, it had started out as a very normal night, find food/target, devour said target, and moan about how the ones with the power to kill their kind still roamed free and they were the ones taking the heat for it to happen, then they had to cross paths.

"Gahhh!" Melissa was not used to saying that, normally it was her dinner date doing so at this point. But now having taken a taste test, she was clawing at her own tongue to get the flavor off. It reminded her of tar and acid, mixed in with ashes. Riku cursed looking at the chunk of himself missing out of his body mass, dripping black icor, emulating the reaction of pain rather than really experiencing it. After all, pain was the mark of something alive, and Riku, well, he wasn't really dead, but it was hard to define something alive that had no internal heart beat and a body that took in heat rather than give it off. But what truly stunned him was his empty hand, an outside observer would have just seen Riku push his hand into Melissa's chest like he, or she was a ghost at the same time she had taken a bit out of him. Pushing her back, Riku couldn't believe his hand held no prize. This woman was no shadow, but she had no heart! "What are you?" Riku raised an eye brow.

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