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Hi Kitties, IT"S HERE! the all new TriquetraCats.com, as you can see it's still not quite 100% yet, but it's active and I am updating comics, for the meantime I will be using ComicGenesis as a mirror but will take that down in a few weeks after this site is ready to go, so be sure to change your bookmarks!


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Kitty News

Monday, January 26th 2009

Today's Comic features a cameo of TOAO

reminder the new schedule is
Monday: Polonian Tales

Wedenesday: Triquetra Cats

Friday: Filler

Monday, December 7th 2008

Hey Kitties, long time no update I know, but bear with me, the holidays are a busy time of year, in the meantime today's Polonian Tales include cameos by Thom Katt, (go visit his webcomic Crossworlds ) also Ferstvire and Himoki (created by Seth )

Monday November 5th 2007

Hey Kitties, no we;re not skipping the rest of the current story, this is a special story written and drawn by our newest staff member Daniela Schad, it will be updated intermittintly throughout our regular story (and/or fillers) think of it as our version of the Wotch's Sunday Special, hope you enjoy

Saturday August 4th 2007

wow updatage, just letting you all know that I've fixed the forum link and moved the links to Characters and the Timeline over to the Triquetrapedia

Saturday, 18 November. 2006

Hi Kitties, Monday is the Transgender Day of Rememberance, however since we already have a story comic scheduled for update then, our TDoR comic will be shown this weekend,

This comic was really hard for me to do, yes the kid in the comic is me, yes my hair really was that light, yes I really was in leg braces and a wheelchair (which is why this comic was hard for me, nothing like bringing those memories back and having them stare at you in the face)

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Wizzy Wig

Friday, 11 August. 2006

Hi Kitties, you probably noticed that we didnt update Wedenesday, this comic was supposed to go up then, but Photoshop crashed and took the page with it,unfortunatly it was too late to repair it to go up in time, and as you can see, I wanted to get the treatement of this comic JUST right hope you enjoy

Monday, 3 July, 2006

Hi, everybody!! Some good news (in case the "more dialogue than an episode of The West Wing" update didn't give it away, Kat's back to finish up with this Period, since it was her baby) and some bad (Kat's ex-and hopefully-future boyfriend went into hospital on Thursday night). In lieu of donations (not that anyone ever sends us those :P ) please just send prayers for Vastzero...although I'm sure Jess wouldn't turn down the donations either, since we-all are both unemployed for the summer and she's off to Ka-Vention soon... thanks in advance!

June 7th 2006

Hi Kitties, sorry for the lack of updates last week, but I had a series of job interviews and was unable to find the time to do the comic. (alas I didnt get hired)


May 8th 2006

no you aren't hallucinating, it's actual story comic, we should be back on a regular schedule now, I suggest you guys go back and read the Period 10 archives again just to remember what's been going on

May 5th 2006

that's rght Kitties today is Online Comics Day

dont know what that is? take a look at the link above and chec out all the great comics participating


March 27th 2006

Yes your eyes dont decieve you, its an acutal story comic, we got Chrysicat writing script again, so feel free to click the Email Chrysi link or drop by the message board and show her your adoration and appreciation

Click HERE and HERE to visit out KeenLace entry

today's guest strip was brough to you by

Daniela Lavern of Almost(coming soon)

the previous guest strips are by

Hydragon of Awfully Generic

Aisaku of Discordia and prettysenshi2k6

of Circle Arcadia

Friday, 16 December, 2005

Yipes!! We failed to update on-time again, even though I had the page in hand, figuratively speaking, by 8 Mountain time! I blame this site for keeping me distracted puzzle-solving until almost 2 AM Eastern..when our update queued at 1 in the morning... *blushes* Gomen nasai!

Wednesday, 7 December, 2005

Today, I'd like to present the promo page for the new TC spinoff, Shinobi Spectrum...I'd like to, but I can't, as the file's breaking every program that even attempts to address it. If we can figure out a way to upload it, we will...

Wednesday, 23 November, 2005

Yeah, yeah, I know...two fillers in a row...and early at that...*sigh*

well, it's like this. Jess said 'no off-schedule updates this year', and I wanted to recognise Thanksgiving, and I didn't want to wait 'til after the day to do it...sooo...yeeeah. My bad...Next year, I'll hold the filler 'til Friday if she refuses to have one on Thursday, I promise...

Sunday, 20 November, 2005

And now for something completely serious...today's Transgender Day of Remembrance. You'll see a link to the homepage for the project in the page for the day, and down here in the news, we have links to all the titles participating this year...

A Wish For Wings ClosetSpace Grey Matters Happy But Dead High Maintenance Replica Saga Venus Envy The Wotch Second Stage TranseGeneration Venus Ascending

Thanks for visiting our partner titles during this event!

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